Korean Drama Review: Birdie Buddy

Hm…overall, I would say that this was a very good drama. The only problem with it, as is the problem with almost all Korean dramas, is the ending, I’ll discuss that in detail later, though.

I had my reserves about watching this drama at first because it is about golf. When I first saw the poster with Uee swinging a golf club, I thought to myself, “Can a drama have a more boring concept?” But, alas, I was curious to see how Uee would act in this movie as a main and good character, which is much different than her bad character in “You’re Beautiful.” I wasn’t expecting much, actually, because I didn’t think she did too well in “You’re Beautiful,” but, then, again, she wasn’t given much substance in that drama to really act upon. “Birdie Buddy,” however, gives her much substance, and she acts it out pretty well; well enough to surprise me. She was also really funny. Some of the moves and facial expressions she would make in the background (when you aren’t supposed to be paying attention to her) are so hilarious. Uee definitely didn’t let anybody steal the spotlight from her.

Although the main storyline in “Birdy Buddy” revolves around golf, that was not the only big aspect of the story. The other main aspect of the story, which I found to be very nice, was the relationship between the main character and her mother. This was very nice because it was realistic. Some of the things Sung Mi Soo said to her mother or the way she said things to her mother or the way she got irritated with her mother, I remember saying/doing those things. And the way her mother would respond to her, I remember my mother responding to me in the exact same way. Like any mother that loves her child, Sung Mi Soo’s mother would have given up everything, and really, in a way did, just so her daughter could be happy and play golf. Sung Mi Soo would always have arguments or fights with her mother, and, though her mother did get angry at her, she was always the first one to say sorry or act like nothing happen. Always the one to set the relationship back on the right path, which, between a mother and daughter, is usually how it is. I just really loved how wonderfully realistic their relationship was and how I, personally, could relate to it.

I actually learned a lot about golf in this drama, and it was really interesting. I never thought golf would be interesting, but, somehow, these writers seemed to make it so.

The romance in this story is very confused. It messes with your mind, which I kind of liked and kind of didn’t like.

The “mean girl” in the show was quite annoying, but she acted pretty well, and the “main guy” was an ok actor, his character was only slightly annoying.

Now, the ending. THE ENDING SUCKED. There we go. I said it. If I were you, I would watch this drama up until the last episode or two and then stop, because the ending totally ruins everything. Now, there are those types of endings that are really poorly written and executed, but you still feel like you didn’t totally waste your time watching a whole 16-25 episode drama. This ending was not one of those types. I seriously felt betrayed and insulted as a viewer. I was wondering why the big broadcasting companies didn’t want to air this, but after seeing the ending, I know why. I felt as if I wasted my time watching this drama only to be betrayed at the end and feel like all my 20+ hours watching this drama were wasted.

So, now that you’ve heard it, I will say this: I would recommend that you watch this drama, but watch the ending at your own risk. (Even though you’ll probably watch it because of curiosity…but it will probably ruin the whole drama for you, like it did for me)