(Short) Chinese Drama Review: The Princess Weiyoung


Princess Weiyoung, or How Many Times Can We Frame Wei Young Without Anyone Catching on to a Pattern?

Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 7

Storyline/plot: 7

Plot Development: 7

Characters: 7

Music: 6.5

Ending: 10

Ah, this drama was so romantic! I loved that this was one of the only historical fiction dramas I’ve seen that almost solely focused on the romance. Of course, there was some political intrigue in the drama, but the relationship between the two leads was the main plot through the whole drama. Although I do not think it is one of the best historical dramas by any means, I did still thoroughly enjoy it. I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode, and I only skipped one or two scenes in the whole of 54 episodes!

The acting was pretty good, although I thought Vanness Wu was a bit awkward in his role as a villain (his hair was fabulous, though). The plot was engaging, but there were way too many times that Weiyoung got framed. Finally, around episode 30 or 40, the directors/writers finally got a clue to move on from the “framing Weiyoung” part of the plot. The ending was bittersweet, but it was perfect. And if not for the unresolved plot-points in the end, my score for the drama would have been higher.

Oh! And I will say there is one plot point in this drama that was perfection. I cringe even thinking about what happened, and it was really hard to watch some of the episodes because of what happened to Weiyoung, but after that plot point is finally resolved, you look back and realize how well it was actually executed.

If you’re a fan of historical dramas, pretty people, revenge, and, most importantly, ROMANCE, then I would highly recommend you to watch this drama.

If you like watching historical dramas because of politics or revenge or, well, history, then I wouldn’t watch this drama if I were you (it was based on a fictional book, you know).

FRIENDLY ADVICE: Always skip the opening and ending of each episode because if you don’t, they will spoil the drama for you.

Overall Score: 7.4

Rewatchability: 95%


Chinese Drama Review: Nirvana in Fire

nirvana in fire

So, after only two dramas, Hu Ge is officially on Hwang Jung Eum level with me (if you’re wondering, it took about three dramas for HJE to reach James Franco, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Aniston level, which is my tip-top, as in, I’m an uber-fan of theirs, and not altogether just because of their acting ability; because, let’s face it, James Franco is only okay). Like, if Hu Ge somehow became fluent in Korean or if HJE suddenly became fluent in Mandarin and they did a drama together, I would probably die from happiness. I just love Hu Ge so much now, you guys don’t even know. Now, on to the drama.

Initially, I started watching this drama because he was in it, and because I’d heard nothing but good things about it, but I didn’t expect to find so many other great Chinese drama actors. Not only was I surprised because of how good this drama was, I was completely blown away by the quality of everything in it. From the music to the production to the acting to the story–everything was fantastic. This drama got so close to a perfect score that it makes me sad I couldn’t give it a perfect score, but there were some minor things about the story that shouldn’t have been overlooked.

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Chinese Drama Review: Clothing the World/Tian Ya Zhi Nu


Also known as “A Weaver on the Horizon,” Clothing the World is a historical fiction drama about a figure in history who made significant contributions to the world of clothing/textiles. I was pleasantly surprised at this drama. It was very well made and well executed and kept me hooked until the very end, which is something I can’t say of many 35+ long dramas, historical or otherwise.

Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 8

Storyline/plot: 8

Plot Development: 5

Characters: 9

Music: 7

Ending: 6


Acting and Characters

Janine Chang played the main character, Huang Qiao Er. I immediately took a liking to her because she looked and acted so much like one of my favorite Korean celebrities, Lee Min Jung. Now, I will admit that she was a little better of an actress than is Lee Min Jung, but she’s not much better. I thought Chang did a good job with her character in this drama, but  I also thought it could have been better. Her character was easy to like.

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Chinese Drama Review: Sound of the Desert/Da Mo Yao

sound of the desert

So, apparently this drama goes by many names. Sound of the Desert is how I was introduced to it. But, on many sites they put “Da Mo Yao” in parenthesis, while some others call it “Romance of the Desert.” Dramawiki has the name as Feng Zhong Qi Yuan, which I’m guessing is the official name.

Anyway, yay! I’m finally reviewing a Chinese drama, and it’s a period one at that! I’ve had the Chinese/Mainland Drama category since I started this blog, and it’s crazy that I haven’t used it yet. This isn’t my first Chinese drama to watch, but it is the first one I finished (well, I did finish their disastrous take on Boys over Flowers, but that’s a different story). The main character didn’t end up with the man I wanted her to end up with, and let me tell you, I have never been so affected by this. I’ve had Second-Lead Syndrome (SLS) many times, and some of those times it has ruined the whole drama. That was not so with this drama. For the first time in all my years of watching Asian dramas, I actually cried at the ending. I was literally sobbing because the main girl wasn’t with the guy I wanted. I was so heartbroken for that man! And it doesn’t help that I think the main character would have been better with him than who she ended up with anyway. I also had to stop watching the drama for a week when it was finally official that the main character was never going to be with that guy.

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