Disney College Program Fall 2016: Accepted

I finally have a free moment! So, as you no doubt have already surmised, I was accepted into the Disney College Program. I was accepted into the Fall Advantage 2016 program at Disney World and was offered a role in Quick-Service Food and Beverage. This acceptance came exactly a week (well, a few hours less than a week) after my phone interview on February 12, which really surprised me.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I incredibly excited to receive the “Congratulations” email from Disney, but when I opened up my offer and saw my role, I was quite disappointed. In my phone interview, we only briefly talked about QSFB (and it was low interest), and I thought I highlighted how I would work well and had experience in other roles (since I currently work in fast food), but since getting the results was so fast, I can only assume that they only really considered me for QSFB.

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