Taiwanese Drama Review: The Fierce Wife

Ok, this drama is…wow. I mean, wow. This is one of those “diamond in the rough” dramas among Taiwanese dramas. Most Taiwanese are kind of crazy, in my opinion. They are like live-action animes. It is rare to get a drama that is serious throughout the whole drama, and this is one of them. (I also think Autumn’s Concerto was another one of the rare dramas) I read the description for this drama on dramawiki, which stated, “Xie An Zhen was happily married with one daughter until her husband cheated on her with her cousin. And the ensuing divorce became a battle of love and wits,” so I was really¬†excited because I thought the drama would start out with her husband cheating on her, and then she decides to leave him, and then he comes chasing her because he really loves her and all would live happily ever-after. Well, little did I know what this drama was really about. It took a great many episodes for the divorce to even come up because of all of the background work and drama that was in the preceding episodes. (Man, I really want to put spoilers in here, but I shouldn’t…) All of the actors and actresses were fantastic. They all portrayed their characters marvelously. But, of course, the top actor/actress award goes to Sonia Sui, who played the main character, Xie An Zhen. Though, I haven’t seen all Taiwanese dramas, I would dare to say that she is the best drama actress among all of them. Her role was very complex, yet she played it perfectly, it was hard to believe that she was a person separate from her character. The way she dealt with everything was also realistic. She was seriously the perfect wife and the perfect mother and the perfect friend. She portrayed all of those roles so nicely that you end up really despising her husband through most of the series and crying for her and with her. Her husband, Wen Rui Fan, played by, Wen Sheng Hao, did a great job also. His acting was believable. But, as I said, all the actors did a marvelous job.

The writers and director of this drama should also be commended. The reason this drama was so heartbreaking and amazing was because of all the work they put into the story and script. They made it mostly realistic, and really took your emotions for a ride because of all the depth they put into the characters and the characters’ relationships.

The music was also very nice. Of course, there were plenty of repeated tunes, but they were very nice songs, and they perfectly fit the mood of every scene in which they played.

This is a drama that I would not only recommend to Asian drama lovers, but to anyone who likes good drama. That’s how good it is. And also for you strictly romance drama lovers, it certainly has romance. So, if you can’t find any Asian dramas that look good at the moment, even if this drama doesn’t look good to you, watch it, because you will not be disappointed.


(It took me a while to find a drama to watch after this one, because all the dramas seemed to pale in comparison)


The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical~ When The World Was Mine Lyrics

I recently discovered that there was a Count of Monte Cristo musical. I found out while watching the new Korean drama, Musical, when they mentioned it in an episode. I looked it up on youtube and found a video of Ok Joo Hyun singing one of the songs. I immediately fell in love with the song, as well as Ok Joo Hyun’s voice (I had no idea she was actually a stage actress) and decided to further look into the musical. I found the English recording and, of course, fell in love with it. So, as I do with all musicals and songs I like, and since I love to sing, I tried looking for the lyrics of the song, When the World was Mine. But, to my great disappointment and vexation, I couldn’t find them anywhere. So, I decided to just listen to the song and write down the lyrics that way. So, for all of you musical lovers, here are the English lyrics to…

When The World Was Mine

from the Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

Lyrics by Jack Murphy

How far have I fallen?

How long ’till it’s over?

Days all shuffle past my door much like the day before

Gone now, my tomorrow

So fast, my tomorrow’s gone

The world I left behind, it was only in my mind

The golden sun was warmer then

And night would fall much softer

My heart and I remember when

The road would rise to bluer skies

Above the moon a star would shine

To homeward guide him to me

With kisses sweet as summer wine

Back when the world was mine

Nights of shimmering sensations

Days of easy, carefree smiles

Dreams and quiet conversations

I close my eyes and see for miles

The world was so much younger, then

And burned with hearts on fire

These memories return again

Like gathered embers

So love remembers

Back when the world was mine

The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical~ Hell To Your Doorstep

Hell To Your Doorstep

from https://silentshimmer.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=579&action=editThe Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

Lyrics by Jack Murphy

The world is a place where the villains wear a smile on their face

While they take what you can never replace

Stolen moments gone forever

Well, tables can turn as my enemies will soon enough learn

I will strike a match and then watch them burn

On the pyre of obsession

You run ’till you drop, chasing an advantage

You’ll pay any price if you think it’s free

I will carry hell to your doorstep; I will make you pay

You will reap the hate you’ve sown on my judgment day

Sleepless nights and days of damnation

Soon and evermore

I will bring the Chateau D’If knocking up on your door

And love is a lie swearing that no matter what it won’t die

Disappearing like a star in the sky

In the hot light of morning

But what do I care?

There are women to be had everywhere

First there’s retribution I must prepare

Mighty vengeance is mine

I have a nice show that will tempt you onward

And just when you’re sure that the prize is yours

I’ll deliver hell to your doorstep dressed in rich facade

Then, I’ll burn you to the ground like an angry god

Once you’re in my shining cathedral heed the tolling bell**

It’s the final sound you hear as you descend to hell

Fall down on your knees

Fall down and let me hear you pray

Fall down on your knees

’till I can hear you bargaining, scheming, begging and screaming to pay***

I will carry hell to your doorstep; you will rue the day

You will reap the hate you’ve sown no matter how hard you pray

It’s a place without any mercy, fashioned in cold blood

Stones of fear and stones of doubt

No forgiveness, no way out

Only justice

Then, amen

** Changed to “tolling” which makes more sense than German

*** Could also be “me”

The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical~ I Know Those Eyes/This Man Is Dead Lyrics

I Know Those Eyes/This Man Is Dead

from The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

Lyrics by Jack Murphy


My God, my heart beats faster

And my mind is racing

Could it be…?

Could it be that you’ve come back to life?

I know those eyes following me

Dark and familiar and deep as the sea

I know that face, strange though it seems

Younger and kinder it haunts all my dreams

How can you stand there?

A whisper from me

Yet, somehow be so far away

In eyes once familiar, a stranger I see

With so many words left to say


This man is dead

He is no more

He died a little each day

Like a thief, the Chateau D’If has stolen him away

The mind plays tricks

You are confused

The man you seek is long gone

Dead and cold

A story told

By those he trusted, those he loved, and those who then moved on

Both singing different lyrics at the same time:


I am a ghost; just a mirage

Who chases traces of you


There in that voice

Traces of you

Dark and familiar and deep as the sea


This man is dead

He is no more

And though it’s torturing me


I know those eyes

Torturing me


Can either of us really ever be free?

How can you stand there?

A whisper from me

When you are still so far away

And why does the truth seem too hard to be true?

With so much broken


And so much damage


There are no words


Left to say

Let’s Use Forks!

I think that the invention of forks is a really amazing invention. You can pick up anything with forks and even cut things with them, which is why I think that mankind should do away with all other dining utensils, such as spoons, knives, and chopsticks, and just use forks. Now, the first thought that goes through anybody’s mind whenever I bring this up is, well what about soup? You can’t pick up liquid with a fork. Which is why we have hands. A fork is there to pick up all the meat and vegetables in the soup, and hands are there to pick up the bowl and drink all the liquid. No utensils needed for that.

Reasons spoons are not as good as forks:

1. You can’t jab a spoon into something in order to pick it up

2. You can’t cut very easily with a spoon

3. A spoon is just not as good as a fork

Reasons knives are not as good as forks:

1. You can’t scoop things up with a knife very easily

2. A knife can only cut things

3. A knife is just not as good as a fork

Reasons chopsticks are not as good as forks:

1. They’re called chopsticks, yet it is impossible to chop anything with them

2. They cannot scoop up any food

3. You have to have two chopsticks in order for them to work, having a single chopstick is useless

4.They can be difficult to hold and pick up things

5. Chopsticks are just not as good as forks

Reasons why forks are the best eating utensils, and, therefore, should be the only one used:

1.  They are easy to hold

2. They have prongs that can be jabbed into food items very easily

3. They have a thin edge that makes cutting foods very easy

4. They can scoop up everything, except for thin liquids

Forks are just the best!