Japanese Drama Review: Kazoku Game

Kazoku_game_zps71c00f42 Hooray for Sakurai Sho proving himself to be a competent actor. Now, this is the first drama I’ve watched him in, so he could have proved himself long ago, but I will say I was pleasantly surprised at his acting ability since he’s never seemed like he would be a good actor. I thought his acting would be just like his singing and dancing–meh. But, thankfully, I was wrong. On to the drama: *Note: I’ve decided to take production value out since production value of Japanese dramas are mostly lower than Taiwanese dramas which are mostly lower than Korean dramas which are mostly lower than British and American TV shows, and since production value has no bearing how well a drama is made, just how it looks, I decided it would be better to omit it from my scores for dramas to come.

Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 10


Plot Development 10

Characters: 10

Music: 6


Every actor in this drama was really good. As I already mentioned, Sakurai Sho was a pleasant surprise. He played the main character, Yoshimoto Kouya, who was rather a confusing and eccentric person, and he played it well. In the first episode, I thought that Sho was simply trying too hard to act weird like his character, but as the episode rolled on, and I continued on to other episodes, I realized that this was just how his character would act.  Continue reading