Chinese Drama Review: Sound of the Desert/Da Mo Yao

sound of the desert

So, apparently this drama goes by many names. Sound of the Desert is how I was introduced to it. But, on many sites they put “Da Mo Yao” in parenthesis, while some others call it “Romance of the Desert.” Dramawiki has the name as Feng Zhong Qi Yuan, which I’m guessing is the official name.

Anyway, yay! I’m finally reviewing a Chinese drama, and it’s a period one at that! I’ve had the Chinese/Mainland Drama category since I started this blog, and it’s crazy that I haven’t used it yet. This isn’t my first Chinese drama to watch, but it is the first one I finished (well, I did finish their disastrous take on Boys over Flowers, but that’s a different story). The main character didn’t end up with the man I wanted her to end up with, and let me tell you, I have never been so affected by this. I’ve had Second-Lead Syndrome (SLS) many times, and some of those times it has ruined the whole drama. That was not so with this drama. For the first time in all my years of watching Asian dramas, I actually cried at the ending. I was literally sobbing because the main girl wasn’t with the guy I wanted. I was so heartbroken for that man! And it doesn’t help that I think the main character would have been better with him than who she ended up with anyway. I also had to stop watching the drama for a week when it was finally official that the main character was never going to be with that guy.

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Japanese Drama Review: Black President


Since this was a “business” drama, I put off watching this for a while, but when I finally decided to watch it, I was immediately lured in by Sawamura Ikki’s fabulous performance. I was also surprised to find out that this was a light-hearted comedy instead of some boring drama, and it was quite enjoyable to watch. Also, there’s a music video at the end of this post that you really should check out!

Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 9

Storyline/plot: 6

Plot Development: 7

Characters: 10

Music: 9

Ending: 10

Overall Rating out of 10: 8.5


Acting and Characters:

Sawamura Ikki played the main character in this drama, Mitamura Yukio, who was the president of a big corporation. Mitamura’s character reminded me of Michael’s character from The Office in that he was a bit dense when it came to reading the atmosphere, and he was offended when he was told that inappropriate comments towards women that could be construed as sexual harassment were not to be tolerated.

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