Missing 9’s Ending Ruined the Whole Drama (a slight Korean drama review)

Man, I finished this drama in September of last year and wrote this article on October 1, 2017. I just got really busy/lazy and never finished it, even though all I had to do was find a few more pictures of the couplings that made the drama so good. Well, I never got the pictures (I might still go searching in the future), but I thought it was about time to post this.

Obviously, Spoilers: 

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Alice Nine Rankings: Alpha Album

Alpha Album Cover 1

Alpha Album Cover 2

And to finish off February with my lazy posting, here is another article I originally wrote back in 2013. Enjoy! (Note, my opinions still remain the same, despite the five years that have passed since forming them)

Alice Nine’s second album is also really good. This is one of their more up-beat albums.

  1. AOI TORI: This song is often overlooked, but it really is the best one on the album.)
  2. JEWELS: I love the drums at the beginning of this song. The song is also really pretty.
  3. -Dice- A song that starts out hard, but then softens during the chorus)
  4. 9th Revolver: Another pretty song
  5. WHITE PRAYER: I like how this song bursts in at the beginning.
  6. BLUE PLANET: All I can say for this song is… Shou’s English!!! He’s always such a cutie.  I thought he was speaking another language until I looked up the actual lyrics of the song. Also, the grammar is pretty bad, but I commend Shou for trying. This song is nice and upbeat.
  7. ERASER: This song is kind of boring, I think, but it’s still nice and pretty.
  8. ZERO
  10. Cradle to [Alpha]
  11. cosmic world
  12. NUMBER SIX: This is probably the only Alice Nine song that I dislike. What the heck is up with it!? The music along with Shou’s voice is too confusing! If you listen to the song, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Alice Nine Song Rankings: ZEKKEISHOKU Album



Can’t believe I haven’t posted in a couple of months. Agh! Just been very busy…and tired. Very tired. *sigh* Well, here’s a post. I knew I just needed to have one for the first month of the year, and even though it’s late: Happy New Year!




Let me just tell you, I really LOVE these album covers. The red one, especially, just matches the whole tone of the album and songs within it. Now, this was Alice Nine’s first full-length album, and let me tell you, it is one of their best. These songs are so beautiful. Many of them are quite atmospheric.

  1. ARMOR RING (It took me quite a while for this song to actually hook me. The beginning doesn’t sound very promising, but “I promise to you…” that after the first chorus, you will realize just how great of a song this actually is. The word “Epic” comes to mind. This is another one of Alice Nine’s best songs.)
  2. CORONA (Another great and atmospheric song. Shou’s vocals are also very nice.)
  3. jelly fish: A much underrated song. I believe it was written by Saga, and it is one of Alice Nine’s most beautiful songs. It is also in my top five favorite Alice Nine songs. I love how from the very beginning of the song you realize why it was named “jelly fish.” It sounds very oceanic, I guess, for lack of a better word.
  4. VELVET (Shou’s voice in this song is great! It’s lower than his normal voice, which I love. The song is also really good. It has great dynamics.)
  5. Q. (A nice short song, showing off the vocals of our precious Saga)
  6. KOWLOON -NINE HEADS RODEO SHOW– (Another nice hard-ish rock song of Alice Nine’s)
  7. FANTASY (Although you can tell Shou is struggling with the high notes in this song, it is still very commendable that his voice can reach that high without entering falsetto. Plus the music is really good in this song.)
  11. 3.2.1. REAL -SE-
  12. KOKKAI NO KURAGE -Instrumental-

Alice Nine Rankings: KASOU MUSOU SHI EP


This is another really good Alice Nine EP. I don’t know what else to say about it…

  1. BYAKUYA NI KURONEKO (I really love this song. The Alice Nine version (and Shou’s voice) is a lot better than the Givuss version)
  2. YAMI NI CHIRU SAKURA (This is another good song. This song shows off Alice Nine’s sort-of “hard-rock” side, though I don’t know if it could technically be classified as hard-rock)
  3. GIN NO TSUKI KUROI HOSHI (I love the hand motions Shou and the audience do to this song during concerts)
  4. YURI HA(wa) AOKU SAITE (This is a nice, pretty song)

Alice Nine Rankings: Gion Shouja no Kane ga Naru EP



This was the second EP/mini-album that Alice Nine put out and it is actually really good. Shou’s voice is the only iffy thing about this EP, but, even then, he somehow makes you to want to listen to the songs again. Here’s how I ranked them:

  1. GOKUSAI GOKUSHOKA GOKUDOUKA [G3]: To this day, this is still one of Alice Nine’s best songs. It seems to be overlooked many times, though, but I would I strongly encourage you to listen to it
  2. GRADATION: Every time I listen to this song, I’m reminded of that horridly bright music video and how Shou always moved his left shoulder up and down to an irritating extent throughout the video (and it became his signature in future videos/lives). Nevertheless, it’s a good song.
  3. AKAI KAZAGURUMA: Another good, sort-of classic, rock song
  4. HOUNTOU SEITEN WA NARI: Couldn’t find a video for this one *cries*
  5. H.A.N.A.B.I.