Alice Nine Rankings: KASOU MUSOU SHI EP


This is another really good Alice Nine EP. I don’t know what else to say about it…

  1. BYAKUYA NI KURONEKO (I really love this song. The Alice Nine version (and Shou’s voice) is a lot better than the Givuss version)
  2. YAMI NI CHIRU SAKURA (This is another good song. This song shows off Alice Nine’s sort-of “hard-rock” side, though I don’t know if it could technically be classified as hard-rock)
  3. GIN NO TSUKI KUROI HOSHI (I love the hand motions Shou and the audience do to this song during concerts)
  4. YURI HA(wa) AOKU SAITE (This is a nice, pretty song)

Alice Nine Rankings: Gion Shouja no Kane ga Naru EP



This was the second EP/mini-album that Alice Nine put out and it is actually really good. Shou’s voice is the only iffy thing about this EP, but, even then, he somehow makes you to want to listen to the songs again. Here’s how I ranked them:

  1. GOKUSAI GOKUSHOKA GOKUDOUKA [G3]: To this day, this is still one of Alice Nine’s best songs. It seems to be overlooked many times, though, but I would I strongly encourage you to listen to it
  2. GRADATION: Every time I listen to this song, I’m reminded of that horridly bright music video and how Shou always moved his left shoulder up and down to an irritating extent throughout the video (and it became his signature in future videos/lives). Nevertheless, it’s a good song.
  3. AKAI KAZAGURUMA: Another good, sort-of classic, rock song
  4. HOUNTOU SEITEN WA NARI: Couldn’t find a video for this one *cries*
  5. H.A.N.A.B.I.

(Short) Japanese Drama Review: Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish)

Otherwise known as, “Horny Teenagers and Their Teachers.”

Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 5

Storyline/plot: 5

Plot Development: 5

Characters: 5

Music: 9

Ending: 10

Scum’s Wish earns a solid “meh” from me. Except for the ending, which was absolutely perfect, and the music was pretty good also. The rest of it was just okay. I hopped into the drama not knowing anything about the manga/anime. When I read the description, I thought it was a gay girl who was in love with a straight girl and a gay boy who was in love with a straight boy who came together and wallowed in their despair that their love would never be returned.

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Around five years ago, I decided to listen to EVERY SINGLE ONE of Alice Nine’s (now known as A9) songs and rank them…like the weirdo that I am. Even though these were complete posts, for some reason, I decided not to post them. Since I am in desperate need of a blog post to fill my July slot, and since I’ve been too busy and lazy to finish any dramas or write anything of substance, I decided I would just post these. I mean, all they’re doing in my drafts folder is taking up space.

ADDED: Links to music/MVs

This is the only Alice Nine album that I only find to be OK. But it’s understandable, since it was their first EP and all. I can listen to all the songs and enjoy them (for the most part), but none of the songs really stick out to me. Anyway, here is how I ranked them:

  1. HIGH COLLAR NARU RONDO (This is a pretty good song)
  4. Siva&Diva
  5. SHUN KA SHUU TOU (Shunkashuutou) (Sometimes this song annoys me. I love the music video though)

(Short) Japanese Drama Review: Boku, Unmei no Hito Desu

Kame and Yamapi Together Once Again!

Also known as I’m Your Destiny, Boku, Unmei no Hito Desu is a drama about falling in love with your destined partner. I thought it was a really good drama. It was well put together, and I thought the concept was creative. While everyone was looking forward to Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa acting in a drama together again for the first time since Nobuta wo Produce, I didn’t think that their performance together were what made the show so good. Sure, their chemistry definitely contributed to it, but there was were so many other characters in the drama that made watching it a delight.

Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 7

Storyline/plot: 8

Plot Development: 10

Characters: 8

Music: 9

Ending: 9

I’m just going to give a few brief notes on why this drama is worth watching.

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