The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical~ A Story Told Lyrics

A Story Told

from The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

Lyrics by Jack Murphy


We are friends, are we not?


And our interests are the same


We collaborate


And trust in fate

Parcel out the blame


There are ends we’ve all got that can justify the means


We negotiate


Then fabricate the facts behind the scenes


Keeping all the details vague and secrets hidden


Safe from the balanced sheet of those you trust*

Because history is a story told by the winners of the fight

You imply a little


Lie a little



Try a little




Who’s gonna question what goes on in the middle of the night?

Not a tinker


Not a tailor


Not his father or Mercedes


Or a jailer


So we all are agreed

Let’s be vigilant and wise


We must all pretend our naïve friend was caught in his own lies

For our plan to succeed

we must share but one belief

Edmond Dantes stays and ends his days inside the Chateau d’If


Where the softest things he’ll touch are stones and darkness

Deep in a craggy isle and dungeon’s keep


Because history’s a story told by the men who make the laws


We supply a little lie


To help the gullible to buy a little fable


What will become of the righteous men who fashioned Dantes’ flaws?


The rich


And well respected


Are no more to be rejected at our table


I’ll be a comfort in her time of grief and anguish

I’ll be Mercedes’ ever faithful acolyte

Every night


And part of me wishes Dantes didn’t have to languish

But I can see it’s him or me**


Let him sit there and rot until he’s forgot


Let him rot!


History’s a story told by the people who survive


Let me sign and then initial


It’s the truth if it’s officially the story


What if the cost is one young man so three more men can survive?


He’s a price we have to pay


So live and fight another day for love and glory


He was standing in the way

A threat to justice in Marseille


So goes the story!


Stick to the story!


Here ends the story!

*I’m pretty sure these lyrics are correct, but there’s also a chance that I messed up one or two words

**It sounds much more like Mondego is singing here


The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical~ When The World Was Mine Lyrics

I recently discovered that there was a Count of Monte Cristo musical. I found out while watching the new Korean drama, Musical, when they mentioned it in an episode. I looked it up on youtube and found a video of Ok Joo Hyun singing one of the songs. I immediately fell in love with the song, as well as Ok Joo Hyun’s voice (I had no idea she was actually a stage actress) and decided to further look into the musical. I found the English recording and, of course, fell in love with it. So, as I do with all musicals and songs I like, and since I love to sing, I tried looking for the lyrics of the song, When the World was Mine. But, to my great disappointment and vexation, I couldn’t find them anywhere. So, I decided to just listen to the song and write down the lyrics that way. So, for all of you musical lovers, here are the English lyrics to…

When The World Was Mine

from the Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

Lyrics by Jack Murphy

How far have I fallen?

How long ’till it’s over?

Days all shuffle past my door much like the day before

Gone now, my tomorrow

So fast, my tomorrow’s gone

The world I left behind, it was only in my mind

The golden sun was warmer then

And night would fall much softer

My heart and I remember when

The road would rise to bluer skies

Above the moon a star would shine

To homeward guide him to me

With kisses sweet as summer wine

Back when the world was mine

Nights of shimmering sensations

Days of easy, carefree smiles

Dreams and quiet conversations

I close my eyes and see for miles

The world was so much younger, then

And burned with hearts on fire

These memories return again

Like gathered embers

So love remembers

Back when the world was mine

The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical~ Hell To Your Doorstep

Hell To Your Doorstep

from Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

Lyrics by Jack Murphy

The world is a place where the villains wear a smile on their face

While they take what you can never replace

Stolen moments gone forever

Well, tables can turn as my enemies will soon enough learn

I will strike a match and then watch them burn

On the pyre of obsession

You run ’till you drop, chasing an advantage

You’ll pay any price if you think it’s free

I will carry hell to your doorstep; I will make you pay

You will reap the hate you’ve sown on my judgment day

Sleepless nights and days of damnation

Soon and evermore

I will bring the Chateau D’If knocking up on your door

And love is a lie swearing that no matter what it won’t die

Disappearing like a star in the sky

In the hot light of morning

But what do I care?

There are women to be had everywhere

First there’s retribution I must prepare

Mighty vengeance is mine

I have a nice show that will tempt you onward

And just when you’re sure that the prize is yours

I’ll deliver hell to your doorstep dressed in rich facade

Then, I’ll burn you to the ground like an angry god

Once you’re in my shining cathedral heed the tolling bell**

It’s the final sound you hear as you descend to hell

Fall down on your knees

Fall down and let me hear you pray

Fall down on your knees

’till I can hear you bargaining, scheming, begging and screaming to pay***

I will carry hell to your doorstep; you will rue the day

You will reap the hate you’ve sown no matter how hard you pray

It’s a place without any mercy, fashioned in cold blood

Stones of fear and stones of doubt

No forgiveness, no way out

Only justice

Then, amen

** Changed to “tolling” which makes more sense than German

*** Could also be “me”

The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical~ I Know Those Eyes/This Man Is Dead Lyrics

I Know Those Eyes/This Man Is Dead

from The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

Lyrics by Jack Murphy


My God, my heart beats faster

And my mind is racing

Could it be…?

Could it be that you’ve come back to life?

I know those eyes following me

Dark and familiar and deep as the sea

I know that face, strange though it seems

Younger and kinder it haunts all my dreams

How can you stand there?

A whisper from me

Yet, somehow be so far away

In eyes once familiar, a stranger I see

With so many words left to say


This man is dead

He is no more

He died a little each day

Like a thief, the Chateau D’If has stolen him away

The mind plays tricks

You are confused

The man you seek is long gone

Dead and cold

A story told

By those he trusted, those he loved, and those who then moved on

Both singing different lyrics at the same time:


I am a ghost; just a mirage

Who chases traces of you


There in that voice

Traces of you

Dark and familiar and deep as the sea


This man is dead

He is no more

And though it’s torturing me


I know those eyes

Torturing me


Can either of us really ever be free?

How can you stand there?

A whisper from me

When you are still so far away

And why does the truth seem too hard to be true?

With so much broken


And so much damage


There are no words


Left to say