Chinese Drama Review: Nirvana in Fire

nirvana in fire

So, after only two dramas, Hu Ge is officially on Hwang Jung Eum level with me (if you’re wondering, it took about three dramas for HJE to reach James Franco, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Aniston level, which is my tip-top, as in, I’m an uber-fan of theirs, and not altogether just because of their acting ability; because, let’s face it, James Franco is only okay). Like, if Hu Ge somehow became fluent in Korean or if HJE suddenly became fluent in Mandarin and they did a drama together, I would probably die from happiness. I just love Hu Ge so much now, you guys don’t even know. Now, on to the drama.

Initially, I started watching this drama because he was in it, and because I’d heard nothing but good things about it, but I didn’t expect to find so many other great Chinese drama actors. Not only was I surprised because of how good this drama was, I was completely blown away by the quality of everything in it. From the music to the production to the acting to the story–everything was fantastic. This drama got so close to a perfect score that it makes me sad I couldn’t give it a perfect score, but there were some minor things about the story that shouldn’t have been overlooked.

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