Around five years ago, I decided to listen to EVERY SINGLE ONE of Alice Nine’s (now known as A9) songs and rank them…like the weirdo that I am. Even though these were complete posts, for some reason, I decided not to post them (actually, it may be because I was going to link all the music, which I still might do at a later time). Since I am in desperate need of a blog post to fill my July slot, and since I’ve been too busy and lazy to finish any dramas or write anything of substance, I decided I would just post these. I mean, all they’re doing in my drafts folder is taking up space.

This is the only Alice Nine album that I only find to be OK. But it’s understandable, since it was their first EP and all. I can listen to all the songs and enjoy them (for the most part), but none of the songs really stick out to me. Anway, here is how I ranked them:

  1. HIGH COLLAR NARU RONDO (This is a pretty good song)
  4. Siva&Diva
  5. SHUN KA SHUU TOU (Shunkashuutou) (Sometimes this song annoys me. I love the music video though)

Final Fantasy Random Encounter Themes: Ranked

Because I am a “rankaholic” and a “musicaholic” (hooray for made up words), I will be writing a series of blog posts related to music from the Final Fantasy series. So, without further ado, here are the random battle themes ranked from best to worst/not as good (#1 being the best, of course).

1. Battle 1 from Final Fantasy IX

For some of the themes, it’s difficult to choose a number one, but when it comes to random encounter music, Final Fantasy IX’s theme is leagues above the rest. It fully embodies what a perfect FF battle theme should be. It sounds like some of the old stuff, but also has a modern twist to it and better sound quality. While playing the game, I never got tired of hearing this theme, which is saying a lot since each FF game always has A LOT of random encounters. Just listen to this and bask in the glory that which is the FFIX random encounters theme:

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