Missing 9’s Ending Ruined the Whole Drama (a slight Korean drama review)

Man, I finished this drama in September of last year and wrote this article on October 1, 2017. I just got really busy/lazy and never finished it, even though all I had to do was find a few more pictures of the couplings that made the drama so good. Well, I never got the pictures (I might still go searching in the future), but I thought it was about time to post this.

Obviously, Spoilers: 

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(Short) Korean Drama Review: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 8

Storyline/plot: 8

Plot Development: 6

Characters: 7

Music: 10

Ending: 10

I would honestly recommend everyone who loves historical fiction dramas and/or romance dramas to watch this. Although there were many aspects of the plot that weren’t explained and a few of the plot points were rushed, the drama overall was good. It was entertaining and quite romantic. This was the first drama I’ve seen of Lee Joon Ki since “My Girl” and I was absolutely thrilled by his performance. IU also did a fabulous job, and she’s definitely improved since her “Dream High” days. Also, I’d like to praise Baekhyun for a fabulous debut performance (I know he’s guest starred in a couple other things, but this was his first serious drama, I believe). I knew he was in some boy band when I saw him on the screen, but I was surprised to learn he was in EXO. The character he plays in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and his natural self as a part of EXO are completely different, which made me even more impressed.

Anyway, although this drama has some definite storytelling flaws, it still has great music, characters, and romance. If you’re craving romance or historical fiction, then watch this drama.

Overall Score: 8.2

Rewatchability: 95%

(Short) Korean Drama Review: Cinderella and Four Knights

I’ve been way too busy with so many things that I haven’t been able to write a full review in a long time, although I have finished a couple of dramas. Because I don’t want my opinions on these dramas to go to waste, I decided to just do really short reviews on them.


Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 5

Storyline/plot: 6

Plot Development: 6

Characters: 7

Music: 9

Ending: 9

Watch If: you like high school love stories and cute, predictable rom-coms. If you’re looking for something simple to just turn your mind off to, then I would recommend this drama. It was entertaining, but not the most well-made or executed.

Don’t Watch If: you like dramas that are more complicated or contain deeper romances. If you also like a drama where most or all of the actors are good, I wouldn’t watch this drama because the only two actors that were good were the main ones. All the rest were not very good.

Overall Score: 7

Korean Drama Review: Answer Me/Reply 1988

reply 1988

It’s the end of May, and I still don’t have a post yet! So, I’m going to make this review my post for the month. It will be quick and kind of lazy. I began writing it at the end of January when the drama initially ended, but I got too busy with school, so I didn’t finish it. I’ve still been pretty busy, so I’m going to just make this review short.

I began watching this drama not knowing anyone in the main cast. That is, until I made the connection that the main character was Hyeri from Girl’s Day. I’ve only listened to a few Girl’s Day songs, and largely, the group’s music style is not my style, but I do remember Hyeri standing out to me because I thought she was absolutely gorgeous and because I loved her smoky-type voice. It took me a while to begin watching this and then to finish it because the episodes were so long and the wait between them would always make me want to watch them less. But, over the holidays, I decided to watch all the episodes (except for the last two which didn’t come out until after the holidays), and boy am I glad I did. This has become my second favorite out of the Reply dramas–1997, naturally, being the first.

Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 9

Storyline/plot: 10

Plot Development: 6.5

Characters: 8

Music: 8

Ending: 6

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A Different Perspective on the God’s Gift – 14 Days Ending



WARNING: Obviously, since this whole post will be about the ending of God’s Gift – 14 Days, everything will be spoilers. So, if you haven’t watched the drama yet, plan on watching it, and still want to be surprised (which I highly recommend, otherwise, there’s no reason to watch this “mystery” drama), don’t read any further. On another note, you can just scroll to the bottom and see my ratings, if you want to see what I thought about the drama as a whole.

I was planning on doing a full review of this drama, but I decided not to and to just address the ending (it will be going on my list of Must-Watches, however). Immediately after I finished God’s Gift – 14 Days, I went to the trusty old web to make sense of the ending. Much to my surprise, every post I saw was bashing the ending, and every commenter was wailing about how Dong Chan really didn’t need to die. Now, I don’t know if the writers came out and said for sure that Dong Chan died in the end, but even if they did, the ending I saw was left purposely ambiguous.

God’s Gift – 14 Days never once gave any solid indication that Dong Chan died. Sure, while carrying Saet Byul into the lake, he did say that one of the two of them needed to disappear in order for the other to live, but we only hear the sound of something plopping into the water. The audience never sees whether Dong Chan or Saet Byul fall into the water. I had to watch the short, confusing ending a few times to try to understand everything. While I do believe that it is a possibility that Dong Chan died, I believe there’s also a strong possibility that he didn’t die, and here are my reasons:

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