Korean Drama Review: Giant (자이언트 )

Well, I finally found a drama that beat Cain and Abel, and this one beat it by a long shot. Giant is a sixty-episode drama about family, revenge, and love. This was my first long drama to watch, and, at first, I was very reluctant to do so because Korean dramas don’t usually hold my attention past twenty-five episodes, but I was very glad that I decided to watch it. From the very first episode to the very last, I was hooked on this show. Everything about it was great! The acting was exceptional ( there were literally no bad actors, all were perfectly suited for their parts). The characters were awesome! They made you hate them and love them without being out of place or annoying. The music was good too. The main theme never got on my nerves no matter how much it was played. The revenge plot kept me on the edge of my seat, and the romance was (at most parts) the sort-of comic relief of the show. The family moments were heart-wrenching. The chemistry between the three actors who played the main siblings, Seongmo, Gangmo, and Miju, was simply beautiful. The ending was a bit rushed, but it still left me satisfied, not longing for anything more. Needless to say, I laughed, I cried, I got mad, and I jumped for joy throughout this whole drama. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to watch good television (not just to Asian drama lovers). If you don’t watch this, you’re definitely missing out! Ah, this drama was so great…there are so many things I could say about it , but it would take too long to say them all.

Acting: 10

Storyline/Plot: 10

Plot Development: 10

Characters: 10

Music: 9

Overall Rating out of 10: 9.8