Korean Drama Review: Kill Me, Heal Me

kill me heal me

Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 9

Storyline/plot: 10

Plot Development 9 (slightly too many flashbacks that weren’t enjoyable in the later episodes)

Characters: 10

Music: 10

Production Value: 10


THIS DRAMA. Oh my goodness, this drama was amazing! I went into this drama knowing it was going to be entertaining because of the multiple personalities and because of the once again Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung pairing, but I really didn’t know just how good this drama was going to be. Honestly, I’ve always thought Ji Sung was a good actor, but only good–never surpassing the threshold from good to great. So, needless to say, I was amazed by his performance in this drama. Whereas in their last drama, Secret, Hwang Jung Eum played the central character and got to show off her great acting chops, “Kill Me, Heal Me” was a drama in which Ji Sung played the central character and got to show off his acting chops. Oh, and I’d like to say that never before has a drama had me replaying scenes so much (Se Gi/Ri Jin rap battle anyone?). . . that’s how good it was. Let’s get started!

First of all, I would like to say that this is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the best Korean dramas I’ve ever seen. Sure, it did have some flaws (which I’ll mention later), but overall, it was great. There were many twists and turns mixed in with some predictable situations that just kept you coming back for more. So, the drama itself, the story, the progression, the characters, everything was really good. But now, let’s get to exactly why the drama keeps you coming back for more. . .

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That Day You Finally Hit the 100,000 Word Count

I did it! I can’t believe it! It’s been a long time in coming, but, finally, I have written 100,000 words (a little more, actually), and it feels really good.

So, a little background on my history as an amateur writer. I began writing when I was in 8th grade–I was twelve years old at the time. It all began when, in an English class, we were tasked with writing a mythological short story. I had the time of my life writing it as it was the first creative writing task I had been given in school, and when I got my paper back I had gotten a perfect 100%. This was a grade that was difficult to get and that nobody else in my whole grade received. I was stoked and knew that writing was something that I wanted to pursue.

I began with poetry and the essays and short storiesĀ  that are typical through the high-school career, but then my sophomore year of high school, I began writing a full-length novel–two, actually. . . Continue reading

Sidewalk Rage and Why Walking is Much Like Driving

Because I am a really fast walker naturally, I’ve noticed recently that walking along the street is like driving on the road. There are usually two lanes: right going forward/down, left going back/up. There are those people who tailgate and then as soon as there’s an opening swerve into the other lane in order to get around whoever is in front of them (Yes, I am usually this person, on the sidewalk, at least). Then there’s the “sidewalk rage” which is almost the same as road rage, except it usually doesn’t include stalking or getting physical with someone (at least, I don’t think it does).

I’ll admit it. I get road rage, therefore I get sidewalk rage. I’m definitely a passive road/sidewalk rager. In the car, I usually talk to myself out loud and tell myself how idiotic or slow the other drivers are; on my feet, I usually seethe inwardly at the stupidity and slowness of the people in front and around me. . . Continue reading