(Short) Korean Drama Review: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 8

Storyline/plot: 8

Plot Development: 6

Characters: 7

Music: 10

Ending: 10

I would honestly recommend everyone who loves historical fiction dramas and/or romance dramas to watch this. Although there were many aspects of the plot that weren’t explained and a few of the plot points were rushed, the drama overall was good. It was entertaining and quite romantic. This was the first drama I’ve seen of Lee Joon Ki since “My Girl” and I was absolutely thrilled by his performance. IU also did a fabulous job, and she’s definitely improved since her “Dream High” days. Also, I’d like to praise Baekhyun for a fabulous debut performance (I know he’s guest starred in a couple other things, but this was his first serious drama, I believe). I knew he was in some boy band when I saw him on the screen, but I was surprised to learn he was in EXO. The character he plays in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and his natural self as a part of EXO are completely different, which made me even more impressed.

Anyway, although this drama has some definite storytelling flaws, it still has great music, characters, and romance. If you’re craving romance or historical fiction, then watch this drama.

Overall Score: 8.2

Rewatchability: 95%