I Am Not a Robot: I Hurt Too

People seem to think that just because I am someone who rarely shows what I feel on my face and because I am calm and slow to anger that I don’t have feelings, that I don’t get angry–that I don’t hurt.

Nothing could be further from the truth. These people will never know just how much they hurt me and just how much chaos, confusion, and sadness is churning inside of me. No, I don’t get stressed easily. No, I don’t hold grudges. Chances are, if I’m angry at you in the dark of night, when I wake up in the morning, my anger will have dissipated. I can’t help it, that’s just the way I am. . . Continue reading


Japanese Drama Review: Time Spiral



Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 3 (GACKT is responsible!)

Storyline/plot: 6

Plot Development 6

Characters: 2 (nothing really special about the characters)

Music: 5

Production Value: 5

This drama came out last year in November, and, as I wasn’t really watching dramas at that time, I wasn’t aware of it. So, last week, I came across it and was instantly excited and just had to watch it. Why, you ask? BECAUSE OF GACKT, OF COURSE! So, when I saw that Gackt was in this and was probably the romantic lead, I squealed I was so excited. I love GACKT’s music, and I saw him in that crazy scene in Mr. Brain, so I thought this guy can act at least a little bit. I tried to watch Akumu-Chan when it first came out, but I lost interest.

So, I started this drama really excited about GACKT being the romantic lead. Well, once I got into the drama, in the very first episode, I quickly came to terms with reality: GACKT cannot act. Ok, now, that’s unfair. Yes, he can act, but he can only act one thing well: creepiness. He was so creepy in this drama! From the minute he came on the screen, he was so creepy that I didn’t want the main actress to end up with him. The sad part is, he wasn’t supposed to be creepy. Sure, perhaps in the beginning when he’s this mysterious person he could have been seen as creepy, but as the story progressed it was clear that GACKT just really didn’t know how to act anything but creepy. It was very disappointing . . . Continue reading

Must Watch Japanese Dramas (1997-2015)

I only have up to 2013 on these because I’ve gotten really behind on watching Japanese dramas. Also, in 2014, most of the Japanese dramas were crime/law dramas which are not my favorite, so that’s made it difficult to watch some of them. I’m currently trying to watch some from 2014, but, as most of them don’t appeal to me, it has been very difficult to find one I can watch completely. So, here’s my list, and I’ll add 2014 and 2015 dramas if the ones I watch are any good.

1. Glass Mask/Glass no Kamen Seasons 1 and 2 (1997-1998)- TV Asahi

glass mask

Upon seeing the date this drama was first aired, I’m sure drama watchers will back away from this one, but I assure you that this is actually one of the best Japanese dramas out there. The lead girl of this drama was a great actress, which, you kind of have to be playing a role like this. This drama is based off the manga of the same name and it’s basically all about acting. If you like Skip Beat!, then chances are you will like this drama because it’s about the same thing: acting. There is also romance in it, which kind of feels creepy sometimes, but at other times puts butterflies in your stomach. Sure, being a drama from the late-90s means it’s going to look dated, but the drama and acting is so good that you will look past all of that. Plus, the music is really good. B’z did the themes for both seasons, and they have some really great songs. If you have never watched a Japanese drama and you’re not put off by the “oldness” of this drama, Glass Mask would be a good one to start you J-drama obsession. Otherwise, stay away from this one until you’ve watched a few of the newer ones.

2. Rich Man, Poor Woman (2012)- Fuji TV


I think this was the only J-drama that I watched in 2012, or at least the only J-drama that kept me watching past the first episode. It was really good. So good, in fact, that I think this definitely one of the best Japanese dramas ever created. Oguri Shun really impressed me in this role, since all I had ever seen him in was Hana Yori Dango and Hana Kimi, and he played the same sort of character in both those dramas. This drama, however, he changes it up and plays a tech genius who is rather eccentric. The romance in this drama is also very sweet. It’s nice to see how much the main man and the main woman come to rely on each other. The theme song (Hikari e by Miwa) is delightful. I love that there’s an English version as well as a Japanese version. There’s also an acoustic version and a pop-style version. This would be a great drama to start with if you are new to Japanese dramas. . . Continue reading