Korean Drama Review: Answer Me/Reply 1988

reply 1988

It’s the end of May, and I still don’t have a post yet! So, I’m going to make this review my post for the month. It will be quick and kind of lazy. I began writing it at the end of January when the drama initially ended, but I got too busy with school, so I didn’t finish it. I’ve still been pretty busy, so I’m going to just make this review short.

I began watching this drama not knowing anyone in the main cast. That is, until I made the connection that the main character was Hyeri from Girl’s Day. I’ve only listened to a few Girl’s Day songs, and largely, the group’s music style is not my style, but I do remember Hyeri standing out to me because I thought she was absolutely gorgeous and because I loved her smoky-type voice. It took me a while to begin watching this and then to finish it because the episodes were so long and the wait between them would always make me want to watch them less. But, over the holidays, I decided to watch all the episodes (except for the last two which didn’t come out until after the holidays), and boy am I glad I did. This has become my second favorite out of the Reply dramas–1997, naturally, being the first.

Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 9

Storyline/plot: 10

Plot Development: 6.5

Characters: 8

Music: 8

Ending: 6

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ ACTING AND CHARACTERS

1988 hyeriI thought Hyeri did a really good job with her role. Although it was clear this was her first big role, I thought she acted her part really well. It really surprised me too because I had a totally different image of Hyeri (because of Girl’s Day), and then she comes out as a loud, sometimes obnoxious, and boyish girl. I enjoyed her character, and I think her acting had a lot to do with it.



Ryu Joon Yeol also did a pretty good job. I thought 1988 junghwanhe could have done more with his character, which was both loveable and frustrating at the same time, but since this was his first drama (I think), I’ll give him a pass.




1988 taekAwww…Taek! I loved his character so much! He was so adorable! Out of the main cast of friends, I think Park Bo Geum did the best acting job.



1988I never got annoyed with Dong Ryong’s character, but there were some times when it was very depressing to watch. I thought Lee Dong Hwi did a very good job.



I’m too lazy to find other pictures, so I’ll just say that the other two main characters, Sun Woo and Bo Ra, were alright. In the beginning, both of their characters annoyed me for different reasons (Bo Ra for being so mean and Sun Woo for being boring), but when it came time for their romance, I liked them a lot more. The actor who played Sun Woo, Go Kyung Pyo, was not very good at all. He was very awkward in his acting and wholly unbelievable. The actress who played Bo Ra, Ryu Hye Young, was alright, but she didn’t wow me.

The adult actors were all very good with the best acting, by far, being done by Kim Sung Kyoon. It didn’t take me long to realize he was the weird college student in Reply 1994, but once I figured it out, I marveled at the way he was able to act out the role of a father of two sons too close in age to him in real life to ever be his sons. Plus, he acted nothing like his character in Reply 1994, so I was impressed that he was able to change his acting so skillfully.


The two biggest flaws of this drama were the  plot development and ending. The plot was not bad at all. In fact this was the first “Answer Me” drama that got real with issues (like being a middle child, parents not spending time with you and only giving money to make up for it, money troubles, marriage troubles, etc.). However, the drama was way too long. Each episode was usually 1.5 hours long–as long as a kid’s movie or a TV movie. Some of the parts got boring also because it seemed like the director and writer needed to draw things out to fit the extremely long air-time. Because of this long air time, the development was very slow.

The ending was also not very good. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVED who Deok Sun ended up with in the end. It felt as if the writers were apologizing to all of us Chilbong fans for leading us on in the last drama and giving us what we most desired in this one, haha! Anyway, the ending, as in the last episode, was very bad. The only two characters that received closure were Bo Ra and Sun Woo, and they really weren’t the ones that needed it! Jung Hwan, Deok Sun, and Taek all didn’t get closure. The main couple (I won’t spoil it for you) didn’t have very many scenes together and they never even get one last kiss or hug before the end. The whole stinkin’ drama ends with Bo Ra and Sun Woo!! Goodness. I don’t know what the writers were thinking.


The music was quite good. It fit well with the period in which the drama took place. I think this was the first one of the series that didn’t use some of the original piano themes, but I could be wrong about that since it has been a while since I watched this drama.

Overall Score out of 10: 7.9 

Rewatchability Chance: 90%


One thought on “Korean Drama Review: Answer Me/Reply 1988

  1. I am only interested in China Mainland costume dramas. Thank you for your comments on Nirvana in Fire which I have finished seeing with English subtitles. The drama was great!

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