Disney College Program Fall 2016: Accepted

I finally have a free moment! So, as you no doubt have already surmised, I was accepted into the Disney College Program. I was accepted into the Fall Advantage 2016 program at Disney World and was offered a role in Quick-Service Food and Beverage. This acceptance came exactly a week (well, a few hours less than a week) after my phone interview on February 12, which really surprised me.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I incredibly excited to receive the “Congratulations” email from Disney, but when I opened up my offer and saw my role, I was quite disappointed. In my phone interview, we only briefly talked about QSFB (and it was low interest), and I thought I highlighted how I would work well and had experience in other roles (since I currently work in fast food), but since getting the results was so fast, I can only assume that they only really considered me for QSFB.

I went back and forth on whether or not to accept or whether or not to go to a character performer audition and hope for that, but I decided not to go to the audition and to accept my offer because working in QSFB at Disney World would give me experience in handling stressful situations, multitasking, and, most likely, help me to gain experience in handling emergencies. All of these are great experiences to have and great to talk about in interviews, so I’m glad that I’ll have an opportunity to gain these new skills and further hone the ones I already have. I also know that attitude has a lot to do with whether you will enjoy your work or not, so I’m going to go down there as optimistic as ever! I really am excited to be able to meet new people and perhaps make some good friends at work. When I was a character performer, I had some people I would talk to if I met them at work, and I always got along with my coworkers, but it was a bit more “cliquey,” and I never truly made friends at work, unlike other people I knew that were working QSFB or merchandise or attractions. So I’m glad that this time, there will be more of an opportunity to make friends because I know that most QSFB locations have lots of CPs.

I’m still waiting on the Show Writer Professional Internship that I applied for on February 15. It’s been about a week since I and others who applied for the position have been put “In Progress.” I could be NLICd at any time, or I could be offered an opportunity to do a phone screening. Obviously, I’m hoping for the screening, since I really want this position, but since the PI process takes so much longer than the CP process, I may not know for a while.  In the meantime, I think I’ll just continue planning for my second college program.


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