Disney College Program Fall 2016: Phone Interview

Yay! So, I had my phone interview yesterday a little after noon, and I just wanted to write about it in case some alumni are thinking of applying and want to know some of the questions that they might be asked.

The woman who interviewed me actually called me ten minutes early! For my first program, I was called around two minutes early, so I was really surprised at it being ten minutes early this time, but I was prepared, so there was no issue with that. We ended up talking for twenty-three minutes, which is about twelve minutes longer than I talked to the recruiter on my phone interview for my first program.

She began by verifying my information and asking me about the Disney look. After, she talked about how she noticed I had worked for Disney before and asked why I wanted to come back. Then, she confirmed all the roles I put interest in, and talked to me about the hopper role. To be considered for the hopper role, you have to be willing to work custodial and housekeeping, and I didn’t know this, so she asked me if I wanted to put add those two roles, and I told her no and asked her to take the hopper role off of my list. She completely understood and was very kind about it.

Here is where the interview really started. She began by asking me about my roommate situation back during my first college program. I loved being asked this question because it is so easy to answer, but I did think it was curious that she asked it. After this, she asked me to talk about some of my past work experience, then she asked me some situational questions about certain roles: attractions, front desk/concierge, and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Attractions I put medium interest in, but front desk, concierge, and BBB are among my top roles, with front desk/concierge leading the pack, so I was excited that she asked me about it. Oh! And somewhere in there, she also asked me what I’d learned since completing my first program or something along those lines.

After asking me the situational questions, she asked which roles I felt I was most qualified for and why. I was really glad that she didn’t tell me a specific number of roles I had to say because that would have been difficult to choose, so I chose five. The first one was QSFB because that is what I currently work in, but I made sure to kind-off offhandedly say I was qualified for it because I’d rather work in another role. I told her I was qualified for merchandise (also a top role) because of cash-handling and customer service experience. I told her I was qualified for front desk because of cash-handling and customer service experience and because I have a vast knowledge about the parks and resorts. I also said I was qualified for attractions because of my theatre experience, and I told her I was qualified for character attendant since I’ve already been a performer and know all the ins and outs of it.

Lastly, she gave me a chance to ask her questions, so I asked her about the new roles that were made available to CPs, about why they combined Maingate and parking all under attractions when they used to be separated, and about auditions in case, somehow, I’m able to make it to one. Then we said goodbye and the interview ended.

Overall, I feel pretty good about the interview. I was nervous in the beginning, but became less nervous as the interview progressed. Now, it’s just playing the waiting game and hoping that I get chosen for front desk or concierge (or for the Professional Internship I’m about to apply for–hopefully more on that later).


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