Disney College Program Fall 2016: Application and Web-Based Interview

It’s already the last day of January, and I am determined to have at least one blog post for every month of this year, so I decided to do an easy one (I’ve been working on a review for Reply 1988, but reviews take so long, and with the insane amount of hours I’m taking this semester plus working, I hardly have time to do anything else) and just tell of my experience applying for the Fall/Fall Advantage 2016 Disney College Program. If things ever slow down for me this semester, I might apply for some Professional Internships, but since those require a lot of time to apply and prepare, I’m holding off on those for right now.

So, I am a Fall Advantage 2013 alumna, and I’ve always missed Disney World since I did my last program, so I decided that since I’m graduating in May, I might as well try to go back for one last time. This time, I will not be going back as a character performer, however, because in addition to wanting to do something else on the program, I will not be able to attend the audition (again, I’m way too busy this semester). Although I was a tiny bit saddened by the fact that I wouldn’t be able to go to the audition (since I love going to auditions), I’m glad that my decision on whether to do character performer or do something else was made so much easier.

I applied on the night of January 24th, I believe about ten or eleven days after the application had first dropped. I was fully expecting the application to drop no earlier than the 20th, since on the college program website, they said that apps would drop late January to early February, but when I checked as a spur of the moment thing on the 24th, I came to find out the apps had already dropped. I looked for the alumni program application, but I found out that it was only open for about 36 hours the day apps dropped, so I was a bit disappointed about that, but I’m just glad I was able to apply this early.

The application process this time around was a bit different from my last one. When I finished my application, I didn’t receive a “Thank You for Applying” email until a few hours later, whereas with my first application, I received it almost immediately upon completion of the application. Another thing that was different was that I didn’t receive an invitation to complete the Web-Based Interview (WBI) until nearly two days later. My first time around this too came within a few minutes of completing my application.

Once I received the WBI invitation, I went to take it, and I was a bit nervous through the whole thing because I didn’t remember any of the questions that were on my last WBI, so it was like I was taking it for the first time. Plus, some of the questions were a bit tricky. One I remember clearly, though I might not be stating it in the exact same words, was on a section where you had to check a response on a spectrum from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. It was something along the lines of “I’m most excited to be away from friends and family,” and I didn’t want to put that I disagreed with this because, obviously, you have to be willing to be away from family to do the program, but I didn’t want to put that I agreed because, obviously, why would I be most excited to be away from my family? That was the only question I really froze on and the page timed-out before I could answer, but after I said I was ready to continue, that question didn’t pop up again.

After I completed the WBI, a page said that I was identified as a “Strong Candidate” and that I could receive an email scheduling a phone interview. I received that email a few minutes after the WBI completion and scheduled my interview for February 12. So now, all I’m doing is waiting for it.

I’ll post about my phone interview probably right after I have it so I don’t forget anything. To all of you going through applications and interviews: Good luck!



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