LOTRO Characters and Everyday Cosmetics


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but it takes time to take screenshots and everything, so I always kept putting it off. But now that we are getting to the end of December, I need at least one blog post, so that my archives won’t have a time-gap, and I thought this would be a perfect time to introduce all of my Lord of the Rings Online characters and their various cosmetics (since playing dress-up is one of my favorite things about the game).

Just some background information: I started playing LOTRO in December 2007, I believe. I played for most of 2008, then took a long break when the Moria expansion came out. My main character, a minstrel, was level 47 then and level-cap was 50, so I always regret not taking her to the top. The game back then was a lot of fun and a lot more challenging both because it sometimes took hours or even days to find a group for the epic quest line and because some classes (like Lore-Master) were almost impossible to solo-level.

Fast-forward to 2011: I came back to the game once I heard it had gone Free-To-Play. I’m just not willing to pay ten or fifteen dollars a month to play a game that I take such long breaks from, which I still do (I usually play for a few weeks or a couple of months and then stop playing for a couple of months). I started playing on Silverlode (*sobs*) with my favorite character, Cetrina, and my favorite class, Lore-Master. By 2012, I switched over to Brandywine, since Silverlode didn’t have many players. Since then, I have made quite a few characters and just love getting all sorts of cosmetics for them. I always missed Cetrina and thought I would never play her again, but since Turbine is consolidating servers, I now have Cetrina with me on Brandywine, and I couldn’t be happier.

So, without further ado, here are my Brandywine characters, as well as what each character is wearing:

I’ll start with Laradala, since she has been my main character since 2012 and now shares that status with Cetrina. She is a level 66 Woman Captain.

ScreenShot00017 ScreenShot00019 ScreenShot00026 Wearing: Ceremonial Town-Saver’s Jacket (Dye: Sea Blue); Ceremonial Beast-master Leggings (Dye: Sea Blue); Ceremonial Cloak of Leijona; Snow-Beast Boots (Dye: Sea Blue) ScreenShot00029

ScreenShot00047 ScreenShot00052Wearing: Mariner’s Hat and Eyepatch; Treasure-hunter’s Rucksack (Dye: Gold); Fancy Shirt and Pants

Riding: Treasure Laden Horse and Treasure Laden Goat

This is Jeremee, a level 20 Dwarf Minstrel.

ScreenShot00049 ScreenShot00048 ScreenShot00045


Wearing: Festive Azure Tunic and Trousers (Dye: Rose); Festive Azure Cloak (Dye: Rose); Circlet of the Eorlingas

This is Meriyn, a level 18 Hobbit Burglar.

ScreenShot00073 ScreenShot00071 ScreenShot00072

Wearing: Silken Gown of Golden Splendour (Dye: Sea Blue)

This is Melenawen, a level 43 Elf Hunter.

ScreenShot00042 ScreenShot00040 ScreenShot00038

Wearing: Gossamer Dress (Dye: Rust)

This is Caraleigha, a level 11 Elf Rune-Keeper.

ScreenShot00064 ScreenShot00057 ScreenShot00053

Wearing: Fine Short-sleeved Dress; Harvest-brew Circlet

This is Viviyan, a level 7 Man Guardian. Fun Fact: Viviyan is one of the only male characters I’ve created on all the servers (since I’ve created characters on nearly every server). My other male was an Elf Warden, but I thought his body was ugly, and I especially hated the way he always stood at an angle, so I deleted him and created Viviyan here.

ScreenShot00083 ScreenShot00080 ScreenShot00082

Wearing: Forester’s Hauberk (Dye: Gold); Fancy Woodcutter’s Pack (Dye: Gold)

And lastly, Cetrina, a level 71 Elf Lore-Master.

ScreenShot00000 ScreenShot00011 ScreenShot00013

For some reason, I neglected to take a picture of her back, but I’ll list what she’s wearing on her back, anyway.

Wearing: Extravagant Festival Dress (Dye: Sea Blue); Travel Pack (Dye: Sea Blue)

. . . As you can see, I LOVE sea blue dye.



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