A Different Perspective on the God’s Gift – 14 Days Ending



WARNING: Obviously, since this whole post will be about the ending of God’s Gift – 14 Days, everything will be spoilers. So, if you haven’t watched the drama yet, plan on watching it, and still want to be surprised (which I highly recommend, otherwise, there’s no reason to watch this “mystery” drama), don’t read any further. On another note, you can just scroll to the bottom and see my ratings, if you want to see what I thought about the drama as a whole.

I was planning on doing a full review of this drama, but I decided not to and to just address the ending (it will be going on my list of Must-Watches, however). Immediately after I finished God’s Gift – 14 Days, I went to the trusty old web to make sense of the ending. Much to my surprise, every post I saw was bashing the ending, and every commenter was wailing about how Dong Chan really didn’t need to die. Now, I don’t know if the writers came out and said for sure that Dong Chan died in the end, but even if they did, the ending I saw was left purposely ambiguous.

God’s Gift – 14 Days never once gave any solid indication that Dong Chan died. Sure, while carrying Saet Byul into the lake, he did say that one of the two of them needed to disappear in order for the other to live, but we only hear the sound of something plopping into the water. The audience never sees whether Dong Chan or Saet Byul fall into the water. I had to watch the short, confusing ending a few times to try to understand everything. While I do believe that it is a possibility that Dong Chan died, I believe there’s also a strong possibility that he didn’t die, and here are my reasons:

1. When Dong Chan is initially bringing Saet Byul into the water, Saet Byul’s mother, Soo Hyun, is running toward the water and yelling at him. As Soo Hyun makes it near the water, a screen showing “Day of the Incident” appears, and time seems to flash forward. We see the president making his speech about the evil-doing of his family, Soo Hyun, Saet Byul, and her mother at the Moojin lake, and Dong Ho getting out of prison, greeted by Young Gyu, his mother, and some mystery man. The screen goes back to Dong Chan in the water saying he will protect Saet Byul. The camera pans out, and Soo Hyun is no longer there running and yelling at him. We hear the plop of water, but never see anyone fall in, and the audience is assuming Saet Byul is still in Dong Chan’s arms since we never see him set her down. So, why would he have gone back to the shore, set Saet Byul down, and then drown himself? That just doesn’t make sense. So, if he did die, we can only assume that Saet Byul was still in his arms when he fell in the water, but if that’s the case, then how was Saet Byul saved? And if Saet Byul was saved, then Dong Chan should have been save too.

2. The president’s speech was the whole thing that basically changed history. Him making that speech could have very well meant that the whole timeline was changed, and Dong Chan lived because there was no need for him to die anymore.

3. When it flashes back to when Dong Chan is reading Saet Byul the story he rewrote about the mother trying to save her child, Saet Byul asks what happened to the knight? The drama abruptly ends here, not giving us an answer. This is because they purposely wanted to make the ending ambiguous. If we were thinking up until that point that Dong Chan was dead, well perhaps he was actually still living since we don’t hear the answer he gives Saet Byul about what happened to the knight.

4. In the “flash forward” scene, we see Soo Hyun standing with Saet Byul and her mother looking out across the lake where everything had happened. Although Soo Hyun has a slightly sad smile on her face, Saet Byul and her mother are just standing there as happy as can be. Even Soo Hyun looked like she was somewhat happy. If Dong Chan had died that night in that same lake, why would she and Saet Byul be looking at the lake with smiles on their faces? I’m sure they both would have been traumatized by the incident, so why would they have even gone back there?

5. Also in the “flash forward” scene, we see Dong Ho released from prison. He is greeted by Young Gyu and his mother (we only see the back of her head). A man stands behind them and touches both of them on the shoulder. All we see is the back of this man’s head. Is it Hyun Woo Jin or is it Dong Chan? We’ll never know, and the purpose for the director not showing that man’s face, but making it clear that a third man was there, is because, again, they wanted the ending to be ambiguous.

6. Dong Chan needing to “disappear” might have just meant he needed to never see Saet Byul and her mother again. It didn’t necessarily mean that he had to die.

7. Lastly, if the writers had really wanted the audience to 100% believe Dong Chan died, they would have given some solid indication instead of “playing” with us, whether that would have been going to his gravestone or showing Woo Jin at the prison site or even having Dong Chan answer Saet Byul’s question about what happened to the knight with “he died.”

All in all, I don’t think we’ll ever know what happened to Dong Chan. But, unlike all those pessimists out there, I’d like to think that he lived. Since history was changed, the need for his death could very well have changed too, and since there was no solid evidence that he died, Dong Chan is still alive in my mind!


And just in case you’re curious, here are my ratings of the drama without the actual review.

Acting: 8 (The girl who played Saet Byul and the man who played her father were only okay.)

Storyline/plot: 8 (Near the end, it seemed like the drama was losing its mysterious edge.)

Plot Development: 8 (I think if the drama had been shorter, the development would have been better, and they wouldn’t have had to keep adding “twists.”)

Characters: 10 (Sure, Saet Byul and her mom could be a bit annoying at times, but Dong Chan, Dong Ho, and Young Gyu more than make up for that.)

Music: 8 (I loved how there were no vocal tracks during the drama. It would have taken away from the whole atmosphere.)

Ending: 10 (Unlike everybody else, I welcomed the ambiguous ending. It wasn’t predictable, and it made me think. When’s the last time you watched a Korean drama that actually made you think? Off the top of my head, I don’t think I’ve ever watched one that really made me think and question the happenings in the drama.)

Overall Rating out of 10: 8.7

Maybe it was all just a dream. . .


3 thoughts on “A Different Perspective on the God’s Gift – 14 Days Ending

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  2. GODS GIFT-14 daus

    I am giving it an 8 out of 10. I was gonna give it a ten, until the last ep, where i was gonna give it a 9.then the ending made me give it an 8. If it hadn’t been so good overall, it might have went down to a 7. But leaving aside the ending for the moment, I had some other minor quibbles. (1) clues been found because someone dropped something. or knocked something over. (2) The second fight with tatoo. The first fight was a great one in the rain. I guess that’s because they had stunt people. The second fight was a bit ridiculous, although that’s probably what a real fight would be like. But our “hero” won it too easily. (3) before we knew who tatoo was, when we saw him on camera, he always made the same gesture as if to say “yes, folks, even though it’s obviously me, i’ll make this gesture with my hand for anybody who is stupid enough not to figure out it’s me.”
    (4) the presidents son displays anger when someone uses the word “retard”. Yet he uses it himself afterwards.
    (5) the character of the presidents son. There was too much discrepancy between how he was at the beach, and how he was when Mr and Mrs Lead approached him. It would have more in line with his character in the former, if in the latter, he was less cocksure, and more nervous.
    Before I get back to the ending, i thought the best scene in the series was one of the ouieter ones. It’s where leading man sits down with ma, and his nephew, and shares a meal with them. It was obviously his way of apologising for wrong being about his brother
    The ending. I’m confused. Let me see. he remembers that originally his mother rang him to say that she had killed the child. He puts the child in the river. But the police should have known how Saet died. It is said earlier on (I’m almost sure) that she was killed running away. So you could say that granny didn’t kill her either. But the second time around. he wants to take the blame for his mother did, or didn’t do. He says he will take the blame for his mother. So what is his plan, to hide the child in the river, and then go to the police and confess. How would he get rid of the evidence of how his mother killed the child.Okay, maybe the fact, that he is a former cop might explain that.
    But then he notices the child is not dead. He remenmbers the prophecy. “one of two must disappear” I’ll take “dissappear” to mean “die”, but why? The child is safe. all he has to do is turn around and walk back on dry land. But the impression given to me is
    that he kills himself , because of the prophecy. If the prophecy did refer to him, and the child, i would ask, why. Why must he die, to save the little girl. If he had actually killed the little girl originally, because of a blackout, and then in the present time, decided to top himself out of guilt for what he originally did, that would make more sense to me.
    But for me, it would have made more sense, if he had originally killed her, and then the second time around redeems himself by saving her. But, to save her, he has to get her out of the water. So he either has to wait, for the mother to come into the water, and take her child, or he goes to the bank with the child, gives it to the mother, and goes back into the water to kill himself. We hear a splash, which could be him, moving
    out of the water, or her going into it.
    But checking the ending again, the last line is “did the knight survive” so the director obviously wants us to question what happens. Sometimes i think that can work. In this case though, i think it was a mistake.

    • Yeah, I will agree that the part with the tattoo guy and how he was always showing his tattoo was a bit silly, but since it didn’t happen that often, I was willing to overlook it. Oh yes! I loved the scene where Dong Chan sat down to eat with his family. Actually, I loved all the scenes when Dong Chan was with one of his family members. He was such a great character. Reading reviews of this drama, I haven’t come across one yet that liked the ending. Korean drama writers seem to have a knack for writing bad endings. Unlike everyone else, though, I did enjoy the ending. In fact, I enjoyed the ambiguity so much, that I was shocked when I took to the web that nobody agreed with me and everyone hated it! But, like some other Korean dramas that have less than stellar endings, the preceding episodes in this drama more than make up for the fast and confusing ending, in my opinion. I did mostly like the ending, however, so I’m a bit biased. I enjoyed reading your comment! I like seeing others’ opinions on the dramas I review.

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