Japanese Drama Review: Time Spiral



Ratings out of 10:

Acting: 3 (GACKT is responsible!)

Storyline/plot: 6

Plot Development 6

Characters: 2 (nothing really special about the characters)

Music: 5

Production Value: 5

This drama came out last year in November, and, as I wasn’t really watching dramas at that time, I wasn’t aware of it. So, last week, I came across it and was instantly excited and just had to watch it. Why, you ask? BECAUSE OF GACKT, OF COURSE! So, when I saw that Gackt was in this and was probably the romantic lead, I squealed I was so excited. I love GACKT’s music, and I saw him in that crazy scene in Mr. Brain, so I thought this guy can act at least a little bit. I tried to watch Akumu-Chan when it first came out, but I lost interest.

So, I started this drama really excited about GACKT being the romantic lead. Well, once I got into the drama, in the very first episode, I quickly came to terms with reality: GACKT cannot act. Ok, now, that’s unfair. Yes, he can act, but he can only act one thing well: creepiness. He was so creepy in this drama! From the minute he came on the screen, he was so creepy that I didn’t want the main actress to end up with him. The sad part is, he wasn’t supposed to be creepy. Sure, perhaps in the beginning when he’s this mysterious person he could have been seen as creepy, but as the story progressed it was clear that GACKT just really didn’t know how to act anything but creepy. It was very disappointing . . .

Okay, enough of my GACKT rant, on to the other things in the drama. So, the main actress Kuroki Meisa, was pretty good at her part. She wasn’t given a lot to work with, but I liked watching her. Plus, she is super beautiful. The other main actor, Hiraoka Yuta, was good at his part too.His character was probably the best one out of them all. SPOILER, kinda: I was rooting for these two the whole time.

The drama, itself, wasn’t all bad. The story was very intriguing and many times kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending, however, was disappointing–to me, at least. Though, since the drama is only eight half-hour long episodes, I didn’t feel like I wasted very much time watching it. Honestly, I am fairly certain that the drama would have been ten times better had GACKT not been in it. Since he was one of the main characters, he got a lot of screen time and every time he was on screen it made me cringe. Like, seriously, I’m not even joking, he almost single-handedly ruined this drama (how the drama ended was the other thing that ruined the drama). So, memo to casting: don’t cast GACKT as a romantic lead ever again. While you’re at it, why don’t you just not cast GACKT as any character unless it’s someone creepy.

In the end, I was disappointed in the drama, though it was not all bad. I wouldn’t recommend anyone waste their time with this drama, but, if you love GACKT like I do, you’re not going to listen to me! You’ll watch the drama and then be disappointed like I was. But, it’s okay. That’s what it’s like to be a fan.

Overall Rating out of 10: 4.5


6 thoughts on “Japanese Drama Review: Time Spiral

  1. Hello. I’m male, and not gay, so obviously I didn’t watch this for Gact. You’re right though. It was hard to think of him as anything but creepy. He looked like he had weird makeup on or something.
    Rest of the performances were okay. except one. That was Kayoko Kishimoto, who was excellent.
    But I would give it an 8/10.

    • Ha! I love your beginning sentence. And I know of some straight males who love Gackt, so I’m sure some of them watched this drama for him like I did :). Yeah, I noticed he had the makeup caked on his face, but even then, it wasn’t enough to completely conceal his horrible skin. In some lighting, his blemishes were very visible. I do agree with you on Kayoko Kishimoto. Well, with an 8/10, it looks like you enjoyed the drama despite Gackt’s performance. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I actually didn’t mind Gackt in this drama, but the main girl (Meisa) was downright awful. I know it wasn’t all her fault. She ould only work with the weak script. But hooooly shit, was her character aggravating! She meets a man who hasn’t aged in 15 years and her only question is: “Why don’t you smile more?” He then attempts to murder her, and changes his mind at the last minute – and her response is to almost burst into tears when he faints? Holy shit, girl! Run for the hills. This man is dangerous!

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