If Jesus Showed Up On Your Doorstep

If Jesus appeared right before my eyes, in tangible form, what would I do? Well, first I would probably start crying. Then, immediately after, I would run to him and hug him. I would then, in between sobs, tell him how happy I was to see him and ask him why he didn’t come sooner. I’m sure most of the words being away sobbed into his chest would be words venting my frustration. He would comfort me. I know he would. His arms would wrap around me tightly, and he would stroke my hair while comforting me with sweet words. I would stop crying, and he would wipe away my tears with both hands, holding the sides of my face. He would smile, and I would have to look away because his smile would pain my heart greatly. I would say, “I love you.” He would say, “I love you” too. The whole meeting would be like that between a father and a daughter; a brother and a sister; a husband and a wife who have not seen each other in a long time. The meeting would be the epitome of true love.


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