DCP Work, Work, and More Work

The title says it all. The majority of my time in Florida was spent working, which was what I signed up for, so I was completely okay with it. In fact, I rather enjoyed it. On a regular basis, I was friends with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Lilo, Stitch, and Piglet. I also got to be friends with Meeko, Marie (from the Aristocats), Scrooge McDuck, and Dopey on special occasions. My favorites were Piglet, Minnie, and Donald. They were the most fun friends.

For the first month or so, I worked typical eight hour days. I would also get six-hour night shifts on occasion. Moving into July, I started getting scheduled mostly morning shifts. At first, these morning shifts were brutal because I would have to wake up around 4:30 to 5:00 a.m. to get to work on time. But, as time went on, I got used to them because soon it was all I was getting. Usually my morning shifts would be six and a half hours, but many times I would get shifts that started in the early morning but lasted until the afternoon and these were anywhere from ten to twelve and a half hours long. As a character performer that was able to do so many characters I got decent overtime.

The thing I enjoyed most about my job was the hugs. I am a very “huggy” person, and I am surrounded by people who don’t really like hugs (even my roommates were this way), so being able to go to work every day and know I would get at least one hug (I would always get many more than that) was great! The little kids were so amazing too. I’ve always had a special way with children, maybe it comes from growing up in a big family, I don’t know, but I have a special affinity for them. Even when the kids couldn’t see what my face looked like, I still felt like I could really connect with them. I got many pictures and gifts from them, and I kept every single one.

There weren’t many times that I felt like “ugh, I don’t want to go to work,” because I loved my job so much, and I count myself fortunate to have been accepted into the job that I was.


2 thoughts on “DCP Work, Work, and More Work

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed reading your blog posts about it, and I’m so thrilled you had such a positive experience. I have my final phone interview this week for character performers! (I also want to do Fall Advantage!!) I’d love to ask you a few questions about your experience and the training aspect of it. Please let me know if I can e-mail you or if I should ask the questions here. Thanks so much!

    • Hey,

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my posts! You can ask me any questions you want by commenting on here and I would be glad to answer them, if I can. I hope your phone interview goes/went well!

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