DCP Check-In and First Few Days

So, obviously I didn’t keep up with my blog while I was on the program, so I’m going to tell about my experience now, almost a month after I said my farewell to the Disney College Program.

My father, mother, brother, grandmother, and I all started on our way to Florida on May 24th (once my dad found out that I had made it into the college program he scheduled a vacation). We drove for fourteen hours and arrived on Saturday at Disney’s BoardWalk. I stayed for about a day and a half there, went to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios with my family, and then woke up at 7:15 a.m. on Monday, May 27th and proceeded to check-in. Check-in was from 8-10 a.m., and I got there at about 8:45-9:00 a.m. There were quite a few people there, but the lines weren’t really long and it went by really quickly. First, we showed them our onboarding pass (which was from the DORMS site where you choose preferences and roommates, though I came to find out that only certain arrival dates were given this privilege), then we found out what apartment complex we were in and who are roommates were. I got a three bedroom apartment in Chatham Square (which was my first choice), and I found all my roommates on Facebook, so we were all put together.

I met one of my roommates after I had checked in and it was a bit awkward since she was talking to other people she had become acquainted with on Facebook (I didn’t know them). At check-in they gave us lots of information, like where we would be working, what time we were supposed to board the bus to go to casting, and what time we were supposed to go to the mandatory housing meeting. I went to casting around one or two p.m. and there we had to show them our ids, get fingerprinted, and just give them general information about ourselves. After that my parents drove me back to my apartment (I had already moved my stuff in, I was the first one to do so) and I met all but one of my roommates. Coincidentally, the roommate I did not meet was the one I would be sharing a room with. All of us, before coming, determined online who we would be best suited to share rooms with. At first, I was really nervous to be meeting my roommates because I didn’t have friends at that point, and I was scared that I would never become friends with them. Thankfully, I was wrong. From the minute I walked through the door, there was no awkwardness between us. I had previously lived in a college dorm, and for the first few weeks of living in the dorm, unless you actually know the person you’re rooming with, it’s always awkward (sometimes its awkward for the whole year). But, with these roommates nothing was awkward. Normally, I have reservations about dressing and undressing in front of anyone, but I could do that with them and I was never embarrassed. I would walk around the house with hairy legs and wearing shorts (something I’ve only ever done in front of my immediate family), and both they and I were perfectly comfortable with it. Now, enough about me feeling at ease with them, on with the rest of my story.

I soon met the girl I would be sharing a room with, and even though at first I thought we wouldn’t be close friends, we quickly bonded. The next day was one of my roommates’ birthdays (we’ll call her Barbie). A couple of days later, which was our free day before “Traditions” the other roommates and I decided to take her to Downtown Disney in celebration. It was her 21st birthday, but since not all of us were 21 yet, we couldn’t do anything crazy, but she partied with other friends later that night. We all split the cost of her meal at T-Rex (she ordered a Filet Mignon and an alcoholic beverage, so even though we split it, our bills were still very expensive). We had fun, took some pictures, then headed home.

So, that was my first few days living in Florida. Rather uneventful, but fun nonetheless.


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