DCP Character Performer Audition Results

Okay, so after the audition, I mentioned that I just waited. Man, was waiting hard! The days went by so slowly, and I just couldn’t wait for it to be April. So, April 1st rolls around and there are no notifications. But, the next day, the DCP blog announced that character performer notifications were starting to go out. I was so excited, but also really nervous because a few people had already been accepted already, and I was not one of them. The next day, which was Wednesday, I just waited and checked my dashboard, but no email came. Thursday came around, and I did the same thing. Friday came around, and I did the same thing, but there was a slight change. I had come back to the dorm from my last class (which ends at 4:00) and my roommate had gone home for the weekend, so I decided to take a nap before I went to eat dinner. At that point, I had given up hope that  Disney was going to inform me of their decision that week. So, I fall into a peaceful slumber and wake up right at the time that I normally eat dinner (which I freaked out a little about, since I like to eat at the same time everyday. I’m weird, I know). I look at the clock and it says 5:30, so I quickly hop up, still groggy from just waking up, and take my phone from the shelf next to my bed. There was a green light flashing, so I knew that I had probably gotten some emails, since I get a lot of junk. So, casually, without even thinking about Disney, I open my email and there on the small phone screen it says “Disney College Program: Congratulations!” I looked at that and immediately woke up. I said out loud, “Are you serious?” Then, I opened the email and saw that it was serious, and I jumped out of bed, threw my fist in the air and started cheering and jumping up and down saying “Yes!”

The first thing I do is turn on my laptop and find out what role they were offering me. I opened up the acceptance letter and it said Character Performer for Fall Advantage. I was so happy because these were my first choices! So, as soon as I see this, I call my mom, and she is really excited for me. Then, I go down to dinner and text my dad.

Now, before I go on, I just want to explain something about my family. My family is a very “Disney World Loving” family. My dad and mom go there once a year and I’ve been there with the family 4 or 5 times. Two of my siblings went on their honeymoons to Disney World and everyone in my family just loves the place.

Okay, so after dinner, I come up to my room and accept my offer and then my dad calls me. Now, my dad does not get excited about, well really, anything. And, he’s not a very encouraging person, normally. I don’t mean to say he’s a mean or bad person, he’s just very realistic and tries to be the voice of reason. But, he calls me up and is super excited that I got accepted into the program as a character performer. I could tell he was really excited, not by the tone of his voice because his tone doesn’t vary very much, but because he kept repeating how great it was, and he even said that he needed to start making plans for some of the family to visit me while I’m there. So, even more than my mom who is always very supportive and encourage, this call from my dad really made my day. It was the first time he had really ever encouraged me to do something and then was so happy that I got it.

Two of my sisters and one of my brothers also texted me and were excited.

After that, I paid the 300 dollar fee and picked my arrival date. I was kinda bummed that there were no arrival dates for me in June because I wanted to spend some more time with my family after I get back from college, but at least I’ll get to spend 3 weeks with them. I chose my arrival date as May 27th because it was the later date and it’s a holiday so my dad said it would be better for us to drive there that weekend.

So, yeah, that was how I got accepted as a character performer for the Fall Advantage 2013 DCP. I can’t wait to find out which character(s) I’m going to be friends with, and I’m so excited so see what God has in store for me while working at Disney World.  If you’re interested in following my story, I’ll be posting (or at least trying to post) things regularly about my experiences.



4 thoughts on “DCP Character Performer Audition Results

  1. Hello I am interested in the disney college program and i want to be a performer. i keep seeing that you cant audition for a character while in the program. So i dont quite know what it means to be accepted to the program as a characer performer please help it would mean so much email me please.

    • Hey, sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. In case you do not have your question answered yet, I will answer it. In order to become a character performer for the Disney College Program, you need to apply via the Disney College Program application and make it to the phone interview. You also need to go to an audition. If you apply for the College Program, there is a chance you will be put into another role (like merchandise or attractions, depending on what you preference), but you can still audition to become a performer, and if you are chosen to be a performer, your role can change to performer. If you decide to accept a role different from performer, then once you’re in Florida, you can’t go to a general character performer audition. Sometimes, if they’re running short on characters, though, they will have character auditions for people already in the program. Please let me know if that answered your question and if you have any more questions. I’m always happy to help!

  2. I am still a bit confused…I am not in the Disney College Program. but am looking into it. Should I audition for a character role before I apply to the program? Or should I apply and then audition for a role as a character?

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