Taiwanese Drama Review: The Fierce Wife

Ok, this drama is…wow. I mean, wow. This is one of those “diamond in the rough” dramas among Taiwanese dramas. Most Taiwanese are kind of crazy, in my opinion. They are like live-action animes. It is rare to get a drama that is serious throughout the whole drama, and this is one of them. (I also think Autumn’s Concerto was another one of the rare dramas) I read the description for this drama on dramawiki, which stated, “Xie An Zhen was happily married with one daughter until her husband cheated on her with her cousin. And the ensuing divorce became a battle of love and wits,” so I was really excited because I thought the drama would start out with her husband cheating on her, and then she decides to leave him, and then he comes chasing her because he really loves her and all would live happily ever-after. Well, little did I know what this drama was really about. It took a great many episodes for the divorce to even come up because of all of the background work and drama that was in the preceding episodes. (Man, I really want to put spoilers in here, but I shouldn’t…) All of the actors and actresses were fantastic. They all portrayed their characters marvelously. But, of course, the top actor/actress award goes to Sonia Sui, who played the main character, Xie An Zhen. Though, I haven’t seen all Taiwanese dramas, I would dare to say that she is the best drama actress among all of them. Her role was very complex, yet she played it perfectly, it was hard to believe that she was a person separate from her character. The way she dealt with everything was also realistic. She was seriously the perfect wife and the perfect mother and the perfect friend. She portrayed all of those roles so nicely that you end up really despising her husband through most of the series and crying for her and with her. Her husband, Wen Rui Fan, played by, Wen Sheng Hao, did a great job also. His acting was believable. But, as I said, all the actors did a marvelous job.

The writers and director of this drama should also be commended. The reason this drama was so heartbreaking and amazing was because of all the work they put into the story and script. They made it mostly realistic, and really took your emotions for a ride because of all the depth they put into the characters and the characters’ relationships.

The music was also very nice. Of course, there were plenty of repeated tunes, but they were very nice songs, and they perfectly fit the mood of every scene in which they played.

This is a drama that I would not only recommend to Asian drama lovers, but to anyone who likes good drama. That’s how good it is. And also for you strictly romance drama lovers, it certainly has romance. So, if you can’t find any Asian dramas that look good at the moment, even if this drama doesn’t look good to you, watch it, because you will not be disappointed.


(It took me a while to find a drama to watch after this one, because all the dramas seemed to pale in comparison)


One thought on “Taiwanese Drama Review: The Fierce Wife

  1. I completelly agree. And the process of bu ilding am then the devlopment of the characters is amazing in its depth and credibility. There are also many dialogues of spiritual, religious, moral, social and psychological contents and they are moving and interesting . At times, i could identify myself with many characters like all of them existes simultaneously inside of me like archertypes.

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