Beautiful and Certainly Unique Names for Girls (and a few for boys too)

I like thinking up names for the children I might have in the future. To many, the names I come up with seem a bit ridiculous, but, because I love language and really enjoy finding the beauty beneath words, to me these names are quite beautiful. I do have some “normal” names too.

For girls, including a middle name (ranked- 1 being my most favorite):

1. January Everlie

2. Ribbon Lily

3. Indigo Delilah (Nickname: Indyi)

4. Honey Lola

5. Winter Apple (Nickname: Winnie)

6. Snow Julia

7. Molly Rachel

8. Ariella Symone (Nickname: Ari)

9. Hermione Celah

10. Anna Lucy

11. Star Gwenith

12. Light Hollyi

I also like, as a first name, Julia, but I couldn’t think of middle name befitting of it.

For boys~I find boy names a bit more challenging to come up with, which is why there are only a few (also ranked):

1. Sye Michael

2. Vincent Zephyr

3. Ren Pirrip or Phillip

4. Victor Kiernan


So, there they are. If you are having trouble thinking of baby names, put these into consideration.They are most beautiful and also unique.


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