Korean Drama Review: All About Eve

Ok, so I held off watching this drama for a long time because I didn’t like the way the posters looked. On Dramawiki, there’s a poster for this and it shows the main guy with greyish sort-of hair, and I really didn’t like that, so I steered clear of this drama. But, finally, after searching for a good drama, I decided to watch this one, and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was really quite surprised. The main thing I liked about  this drama was the pure and beautiful romance that unfolded between two of the main characters. I also liked that they contrasted this romance with the antagonist’s dark and tragic romance. I really liked that there were no love triangles in this drama. (Well, there was a little one at the beginning, but if you watch the drama, this triangle is hardly annoying) There was one guy to one girl. Not two guys to one girl or vice versa. I also liked that the main guy, Hyung Chul (Jang Dong Gun), was not a jealous guy. In most Korean dramas the guys always have a jealous streak when it comes to their girls. Yes, that can make for some good drama and delight audiences (myself included) but it is hardly realistic. If a man is that jealous in real life and always telling his girl to only look at him and not talk to other men, and gets angry when she does, um… that man is destined to be a batterer. So, back to my point, Hyung Chul never really even got angry with Sun Mi (Chae Rim). I liked that his character was calm and cool. Like, seriously,  when he and Sun Mi were on the rooftop, and after Sun Mi chewed him out for something that wasn’t really his fault and started walking away, and he just said “I like you, Sun Mi,” my heart did a few flips. Just the way he said it was so sweet and cool at the same time, you just have to watch the drama to know what I’m talking about. But, yeah, Hyung Chul was just a great guy. Sun Mi’s character was super cute. I remember when I saw her appear on the screen for the first time I was thinking, “Oh my goodness, she’s so cute!” There were a few times that I wanted to slap her upside the head because of something stupid she did or said, but I still loved her. She cried a lot, but her crying was really good. It actually sounded like real crying, and she never overdid it. A few times I even cried along with her, that’s how much it touched my heart. Oh, and when she would always call Hyung Chul in her times of distress, ah, those scenes were so sweet. Their relationship was just really sweet; calm and not ridiculous.

Now let’s get to the bad characters, Young Mi (Kim So Yun) and Woo Jin (Han Jae Suk). Now, Young Mi was really a detestable character. There was never a moment that I felt sorry for her. Hers and Woo Jin’s romance was very annoying at parts. Woo Jin was just an annoying character, I didn’t like him at all. Heck, I liked Young Mi more than him!

The ending of this drama is probably the best I’ve seen in Korean drama history (because they really suck at making endings). It was like the ending to a good movie, it wasn’t rushed and it wasn’t ridiculous. And it was happy. Really, a great ending. Overall, this is a great drama that all Korean drama lovers should watch.


Characters: 9


Plot Development:8

Overall Rating out of 10: 9.25


9 thoughts on “Korean Drama Review: All About Eve

  1. I agree with part of your review, although you said no love triangle???Cha rim was in love with woo gin for as long as possible, even though he regected her and the cute guy loved her…wierd.
    It was a good story to start with but it got monotonous and draggy, same thing over and over again( the evilness of the hatful girl in all and everyway possible) I guess the only way she could be cured was as shown. Woo gin was another irritating character.
    The romance between the leads was slow and there was hardly any chemistry. Although the ending scene was really cute.
    But well its all my opinion and might differ with everyone else.

    • First of all, thanks for commenting! And, ok, for the love triangle part, here is what I wrote: “I really liked that there were no love triangles in this drama. (Well, there was a little one at the beginning, but if you watch the drama, this triangle is hardly annoying).” So, I didn’t say there was absolutely NO love triangle. Even though Sun Mi was in love with that guy for much of the drama, she was never annoying about it, nor did she act on her love for him, therefore the love triangle was not the same as you see in most Korean dramas. I disagree with there being no chemistry between the two leads though, because I definitely felt/saw some. I tend to like “calmer” dramas, as long as they are entertaining and endearing (and those kind don’t come around too often), so I didn’t really think it got boring.

  2. Hi there.. I totally agree with you.. You can say that Yoon Hyung Chul is the first male character that makes me fall in love with korean drama.. I also like the romance between Hyung Chul and Sun Mi. For me it is very sweet and innocent.. When he sing a song for Sun Mi, OMG any girl would’ve fall for him at that very moment.. Just by looking at them makes me want to say “ooh.. that’s so sweet..”, btw I also hate the character Woo Jin, he’s kind of weak and weeping all the time.. but I guess that’s his role.. anyway, happy to meet a fellow fans 🙂

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  4. Hi… im really much in love with this drama, really, i cant get enough of it even after 10 years,i re-,watch it some days back and melting again 🙂
    Yes,i love how mr.yoon loved sun- mi so passionately..his smiles,glazes and those happy/ unhappy sighs. They made a perfect match. I would listen to ‘U can’t say… Kwaenchanayo’ all day long, it gives a sweet memory to these sweet people and their sweet love oops..their love was so beautiful,calm and true.
    I’m a true fan :)probably no.1 fan… !

  5. I’m so glad someone found one of my favorite dramas of all time (it’s in my top three) in recent years and has found its charm as well 🙂 Sunmi and HyungChul will always be one of my favorite kdrama couples, and with the most believable, organic, and romantic storyline too. I love it so much I just wish I can find a site where I can download the full episodes cause I miss it 😦

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