A Journey to China!

I’m going to China tomorrow with my three senior high school classmates (Yes, three! Tiny, huh? ), for a graduation, sort-of trip, a teacher and my mother (we needed a female chaperone)!!! Well, technically today…in seven and a half hours…but still. I am not just very excited, I am SUPER excited. It’ll be my first time overseas and, really, my first time to another country (I went just over the border of Mexico once for two days, but I don’t really count that since I only met like two Mexicans and didn’t even get to eat Mexican food). The thing that I’m probably most excited about is the…food. I’ve only eaten at Chinese buffets over here, (which are never very good) well, except for this one Chinese restaurant that’s pretty good, but I’m finally going to get to taste REAL Chinese food. I’m going to take pictures of all the food,  hehe. I’m also really excited about the souvenirs. It’s going to be my first time to go to a place that none of my big family has ever gone to, so…I can buy unique gifts for them!. I’m excited to learn a lot about China, its history, culture, and language. Two things I’m not excited about: the fourteen hour flight and the toilets. Oh my goodness! I dread the toilets (they’re the squatting kind, and I’ve never used one before), but I know it’s a part of their culture, so I must embrace the use of it! Well, anyway, going to China will be a new, fun, and educational experience for me, and I know I will enjoy it.


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