1st translation: Mugen -electric eden- by Alice Nine (From Japanese to English)

Fallen heat, shimmering in silence

Darkness decorating, forests of evergreen

Swaying lights, illuminating leaves

Morning comes so quickly, effervescent dreaming

The letter soars right through the air, the opening not meant to be

Put out of site, erased away in isolation

My dirty hands, too desperately yearn to grasp all of those things

The tender grief, the gentle pain, hold to me

-Musical Interlude-

My fallen gaze, that crowded street, the dawn has still come, breaking

Tomorrow’s change of someone’s heart, in the distance

I see your heart

I see your heart

Right in here; I’m waiting for your precious time drawing nearer—ooh, ooh

Intervals, of fantasy and dreaming

Hesitation lining every street

Eden’s swing

Eden’s swing


For original Romaji, Kanji, and English translation, visit: http://www.jpopasia.com/lyrics/14829/alice-nine/mugenelectric-eden-.html

(If you try to sing the original English translation, it sounds pretty bad, but my translations are made for singing the song in English. Although some of the words may be different from the original song, I try my best to preserve the original tone and meaning that the writers want to convey. Enjoy!)


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